ASUS DRW-2014L1T won't read DVD RAM

Just brought an ASUS DRW-2014L1T a few weeks ago after my LG GSA-4163B gave up the ghost.I have the latest firmware and have reinstalled the DVD RAM driver but the drive still won’t read DVD RAM discs.

I would be grateful if anyone had any ideas why

Which DVD-RAM media have you tried with?

The discs that I have tried have been Panasonic,TDK and Verbatim and they were recorded on a Panasonic DMR-ES20D.
These dics were read by my old LG drive untill it died which makes me think that it is the new drive that is the problem.
I think I’ll have to contact ASUS tech support.

The DVD-RAM driver has to support the drive first.
Also, there are MANY different DVD-RAM mediatypes.

Sorry for wasting your time chef it seems when I reinstalled my DVD RAM driver this was enough to get the drive to read RAM going.
The reason why I still thought there was a problem was because I tried to use a RAM disc like a normal DVD and not through a program that can read these discs i.e Nero.

Good news!

No wasted time, eh. :wink: