Asus DRW-2014L1T - Post your scans here

Got me. I guess it’s a free for all :bigsmile: this is why i asked my original question.

Yeah…it looks like it’s a case of “If your drive has a MTK chipset, and can scan–report proper C1/C2/PIE/PIF–then scan away!”. You can definitely see me turning to TRTs these days, especially since my SOHW-1693S is proving to be finicky at 16x.

TDK +R 16x
CMC MAG M01 @16x
Burn time: 06:04

Verbatim +DL 2.4x
MKM001 @8x

Verbatim +R 16x
MCC004 @20x(slowdown at the end)
Burn time: 05:10

BenQ +R 16x
DAXON AZ3 @16x
Burn time: 06:22

TDK -R 16x
TTH02 @16x
Burn time: 06:11

Verbatim -R 8x
TYG02 @8x
Burn time: 09:00

I just got this burner today and let me just say I really, really hate Asus. I had the DRW-1814 sata model and had to return it because it was incompatible with CloneDVD2. Well, this new one has the same stupid problem!!! If you try to make a 1:1 copy onto any DL media, it states the source is too large to fit onto the disk, even though it clearly isn’t. Oh well, back to the egg it goes!!!

Samsung Pleomax DVD-R 16X OPTODISC R016 burnt with Asus DRW-2014L1T @8X

I suspect that the slowdown at the end of the 20X burns is due to ensure the best write quality on the 16X media that report being capable of 20X writes.

Just a thought since the write cure is definitely 20X.

Panasonic TYG03 burnt @ 16X :

Not very good with this drive :frowning:

Verbatim MCC004 MIT by CMC (2004 DLP) burnt @ 12X :

Panasonic TYG03 burnt at 20X with Imgburn :

Panasonic TYG03 burnt at 12X with Nero CD/DVD speed :

This media burns better at higher speeds :bigsmile:

First burn with new firmware ver.1.02.
Burned with Cd-Speed at 16X
CMC made Verbatim PAPA

Asus DRW2014L1T Refurbished \exchange OPU Hitachi HOP 7662


Fortis CD-R Made in Tajwan CMC 97m26s66f
Asus DRW-2014L1T Refurbished fw.1.02
Nero 2015 x 16

Verbatim DVD+R MCC004 MBI Made in India
Asus DRW-2014L1T Refurbished fw.1.02
ImgBurn x8

I don´t know the differences between L1 and L1T, so I post it here