Asus DRW-1814BLT

I have problem with both devices (same). It hapened when I was printing lightscribe label. After finish printing the label side was blank. I did before 2 printings and it was successful . After that my devices not accept anymore lightscribe discs for printing. When I try to print with nero saying “Lightscribe disc infomation encoded in the middle of the disc could not be read. Please ensure that the disc is a lightscribe disc and properly oriented. Clean the disc per the lightscribe documentation”. I try to put blank CD-R…nothing. Not giving autoplay option anymore, when trying record to disk device open and asking for the empty disk, same with blank dvd. Try to put Windows disk (CD-R) device light flashing but nothing else. I was trying DivX video on DVD+RW no problem with that. I did flash firmware for devices 1.14. OS Windows XP SP3 all updates. Software For recording NERO9, Lightscribe template labeler. All disks I use are new and clean. Any solutions?