Asus DRW-1814BLT - can it rip hidden track 0?

Hi guys,

I got a Samsung DVD burner that I love, but probably should’ve done some research because it doesn’t rip hidden tracks (anything before track 1).

So I was wondering if the Asus DRW-1814BLT will do this?

Here’s a list of CDs with hidden tracks if someone could let me know. I don’t care about the hidden tracks at the end of the disc, since those aren’t really hidden.

Thanks for any help.

Hah, that doesnt depend on a drive, but only on the used software.

yeah what program are you using to rip them with, with your Sammy?

EAC… i didn’t have any problems with my old Plextor 708-A…

Are you using EAC?

I have EAC and have even donated to him.

What Sammy model do you have?

On a side note…I didn’t see anything on that list i have sorry.

I have the Samsung SH-S183L (SATA)…

I’ll go back through the list and see if i want anything bad enough to go out and buy it. I have that same drive.

You need a CD with the hidden 0 track right? A 14th at the end etc… will not work for testing?

No it has to be a track 0. Extra tracks at the end are fine.

And I should specify that it does rip it, but the .wav is blank… no sound.

EAC’s error correction shows red error blocks, but then the .log says there’s no errors.

I live in the USA so what is the name of the band and title name that you are having problems with?

the limited edition of Ash’s 1977 (has 2 tracks hidden before track 1)

The Australian version of UNKLE’s “Psyence Fiction”…

the special edition of UNKLE’s “Never, Never Land” has an 18 second hidden intro…

i’ve tried all of those.

Post a link so i know what it looks like.

you won’t be able to buy those in the store, btw… :slight_smile: they’re all out print (well, at least the ones with the bonus tracks). :wink:

Well i guess i’m no help to you sorry.

well any of the CDs on the list that have hidden track 0 would work… you just asked which ones I’ve tried…

i would imagine Better Than Ezra’s “Friction Baby” is sitting in a bargain bin for $1. :slight_smile:

Friction, Baby: A hidden, untitled track can be heard by rewinding track one, “King of New Orleans” and letting it play from the negative.

and actually one that you should own, or might own already, is Bloc Party’s “Silent Alarm” that has a hidden track 0…

I looked at the list and then that’s why i asked what you had problems with to make it easier to do. There are more hidden end of tracks that i see so if you will find me one then give me a link.

maybe I’m not understanding you, but I don’t have a problem ripping end-of-cd hidden tracks - only tracks hidden in the pregap of track 1.

also maybe i’m not understanding what you’re trying to do… were you going to go out and buy one of these CDs to see if you can rip it with your Samsung?

yes. Find me one to buy.

ok… sorry I wasn’t understanding before. :slight_smile:

I have no Amazon account and for the life of me i don’t see where to create an account. I’ll see if i can find it.

It’ll give me something to do in my busy life :bigsmile: