Asus drw-1814bl

i just installed a asus dvd writer in my computer (drw-1814bl). I used to have a lg dvd burner which recently died. after i installed it (i just used the normal cables that were connected to the lg burner) and everytime i start the computer it says conductor 80 or something not installed (after it detects IDE drives). is it a problem?
and, check this out:


Then install an 80 wire IDE cable!

i figured it out
i did have it installed
but in bios it was configged at ata333, so i made it ata666 and the problem didnt come.
im sorrrrry

Surely you mean ata33 and ata66…

i have installed an 80 wire IDE cable and my motherboard recognized my ASUS 1814BL as UDMA2(ATA33) drive… i haven’t any problem with 16x burning and i think it is ok for this model…