Asus Drw-1814bl... Weird Problem


Just got a new ASUS DRW-1814BL drive and having drama’s. My computing knowledge is fairly limited so i’m looking for any help anyone can give me.

The problem is a bit strange… If there is a disc, dvd/cd doesn’t matter, in the drive when booting up the drive will read the disc no worries. But as soon as you eject the disc and try to play it again it no longer recognises anything in the drive.
Also the label on the icon when the drive is empty says E: DVD-RAM and as soon as you insert any type of disc into the drive the label on the icon changes to E: CD DRIVE but it will not autoplay or even recognise anything on the disc… it’s strange…
I thought it may be a driver problem but the only update on the asus site is firmware revision 1.13 which i think it’s running anyway plus i’m not game to flash the drive at this stage.
Anyway any help would be greatly appreciated hope to hear from someone… cheers,


P.S. It’s running on Windows Xp

I am having the same problem. I am replacing the drive and will let you know if that fixes it.

I also have absolutely the same problem. So how can we solve it?