ASUS DRW-1814BL Bitsettting Pls Help!

Hi I have just bought a Asus DRW-1814BL DVD DL Burner and i need to do bitsetting on DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM can someone please help me it would be greatly appreciated. if it can be done please explain as im new to this stuff

Hi & welcome, [B]trex1984[/B]

99% of DVD-burners have auto-bitsetting for DVD+R DL, so you don’t need to do anything to achieve this. Have you checked the booktype of one of your burned DVD+R DL discs yet with a suitable utility like Nero CD DVD Speed (under the Disc Info tab)?

Welcome to the forum Trex

As Cressida says; the 1814 has auto bit-setting. You can verify this with Nero CD-Speed. You should find CD-speed will also report that a written DVD+R DL be reported as a DVD-ROM in the Disc Info Tab of CDSpeed.

These images are not from a DL disc but you should get the same info on your DL.

thankyou very much i tried it this morning and it worked.


I have the same dubt that Trex had, and I have read your coments… but… I try many times and dont work with me!!!

when I try to change the bitsetting, dont let me change!!! I try to burn a DVD+R DL (TDK) with my Asus DRW-1814BL on ImgBurn or CloneCD, and says that dont have space in disk??!!! i want to burn 6.9GB and the Dual Layer is 7.5GB!!

I got the follow message: no additional sense information, when i verify with Nero CD-Speed.

i burn very good in all the other formats. in +R DL, i want burn a DVD image and I must change the bitsetting for DVD-Rom and I cant done.

someone can help me?