Asus DRW-1612BL?

here is the pcb…

benq 16X+R

Mitsubishi 16X+R

Mediatek? Is it a Samsung or Liteon?

Neither nor. The PCB design and the number of cables used do not match to Samsung or Liteon.

But I don´t think that Asus build the drives by themselves. Did another brand also use MT-chipsets?

If it´s not a Samsung as I first thought it could be that Asus did their own this time.
Anyhow the results don´t look bad.

Alternate have it long time in the shopping-list but it seems the not easy to get avaible

another review

Buffolo release new model


pionner oem?

Pioneer DVR-112L.

Look at their thumbnails… they are in the future, 10x DVD-RW DL!!! :bigsmile:

Will Asus make Pioneer 112 drive this time or stick to their own 1612bl ?

Ok, so does anyone have any further info on this new Buffalo drive/Pioneer 112L drive? What chipset does it use, MediaTek, NEC, ?

If it will use NEC it have LF i think

I’m confused now as I thought the 112 was going to have Lightscribe, not Labelflash.

Lightscribe requires special hardware, LF does not. :wink:

When the 1612 is based on a Pioneer, both have MTK, right?

And I think only NEC-chipsets make LF avaible