Asus DRW-1612BL, how to make region free



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I bought an Asus DRW-1612BL with lightscribe, and since this is the only DVD/CD drive I have in my PC, I want it to read all my CDs and DVDs. My problem is, it keeps on registering the count of region changes and warning me that I have only 4 more attemps left and once the count goes to zero, I will not be able to use the DVD drive even if I format the HDD or fix the DVD drive on a different PC. I use Windows XP sp 2., Nero burner, PowerDVD, Windows media player 11 and AsusDVD. I tried DVD Region+CSS Free but that did not work.

Please help me.

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Why should “DVD Region+CSS Free” not work?


It doesn’t… I tried it too(correctly) and it did not work.


Hm, maybe you could use AnyDVD or DVD43.


The problem is that this regional issue comes before it gets to the software such as Nero or Windows media player. It comes from the Asus drive itself. DVD Region+CSS Free appears before Windows media player comes up and then the PC gets stuck. If powerDVD is used to play a DVD it gets me to select the region, which will decrease the count, even if DVD Region+CSS Free is installed.

Please help !


I doubt that.
It seems to me that you have done something wrong or not understood how rpc-1 will or can work. :rolleyes:

Read this advice?


Thanks for your advice,

site - does not have my DVD drive model(Asus DRW-1612BL) listed to safely flash it.

If you think that I have not followed Region+CSS Free instructions properly can you please guide me on this, as I am loosing faith on that software and getting frustrated not going any where :sad:

Thanks again!



I was talking about making a drive rpc1, not your drive especially.

The link leads you to:


Already read this,

Thanks anyway.

I will try with Asus(vendor) as well.

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Have you tried installing DVD REGION KILLER? Is your drive a rebadged PIONEER?


currently no one has any idea what exactly the new ASUS drives are… unfortunately



It’s an “Asus DRW-1612BL”