ASUS DRW-1608P3S slow media detection

Ever since I bought this drive a year ago, it has always been very slow to detect the media inserted. Typical times are 14 seconds for CD’s and up to 23 seconds for DVD’s. Also during recording it takes a lot of time to do lead-in/lead-out. Did I mention it is VERY noisy because it always spins at full speed during playback? I have tried speed control utilities but the drive is locked at 40x. So people, I would like some feedback with your experience with this particular drive to determine whether I should RMA it or buy a new one. I am using the latest official firmware 1.24 and have never used third party versions on this drive.

You cannot RMA it because the drive is not damaged.

But is the performance of the drive normal?
By the way, most of the time the tray, once opened will, not close through the eject/close button. This device is turning out to be quite a dissapointment, especially after I bought it at a slight premium over competing models of the time.

I have 2 111s and they rock!!!

Actually, I was refering to my drive. lol
So how long does it take your drives to detect media?

Your drive is nothing else than a rebadged PIONEER DVR-111D burner!

20secs for DVD is normal.

I know it is a rebadged Pioneer. But I mean my particular drive, not the model.
So 20" for DVD is normal? Still, I am sure the CD detection times are not good because I have a BTC CDRW since 2001 that can still detect CD’s in half the time than my ASUS. It is actually a lot snappier in just about any operation compared to ASUS not to mention it is a lot quieter.

I guess I have to resign to the idea that I will have to look for a better DVDRW device. sigh
Not an ASUS this time though.

Wrong assumption.

A DVDRW is no CDRW. Not even comparable.