Asus Drw-1608p3s Region Free Problem!

I have a ASUS DRW-1608P3S , When I tried to play a region 1(US) disk in power dvd it asks me to change region to 4.
I need to get rid of the region code in the player n make it region free , So i followed this thread in cd freaks forum

But Now everything is finished successfully but same old problem, when i want to play the DVD on power DVD it ask’s me to set my region code and tell’s me I have 3 more times to change it.

Can any one help me please…

Also Give me detail and link to turn my one back into a ASUS( not that i want to but in case)


rpc1 firmware is for the drive ONLY, you also need something like regionkiller!

Thanx man maybe u can help me out with this other DVD rom too?