Asus DRW-1608P3S problem

I just bought a new Asus DRW-1608P3S today…

  1. how to solve region lock problem ??
  2. any new modded firmware works for me ? (I’m using 1.06)


Hi! If u just need to get rid of region lock, here:
The drive being an OEM Pioneer, u can also cross-flash it into the real thing and get better features and firmware support.
TDB :bow:

but I already updated my firmware to 1.24…

  1. Is it better to wait RPC1 firmware based on 1.24 ??

  2. and which firmware I should flash to real Pioneer ??


i flashed mine into pioneer 111L8.26
here what you shoud do

  1. use the TDB 111 1.06 flash to convert the Asus to a Pioneer 111
  2. use the TDB 111L 8.19 flash to crossflash it to a 111L
  3. use the TDB 111L 8.26

also u can flash it back to asus

  1. use the TDB ASUS 106_RPC1
  2. use DRW-1608P3S_FW124EU


thanks for yr reply…but where can i get TDB firmware ??

Follow my link above. I would first try 8.19INT for Pio 111L and then 8.26INT for 111L.