Asus DRW-1608P3S (firmware version 1.19) flashing to Pioneer

Hello people.

I just installed an ASUS DRW-1608P3S drive, and it has the firmware 1.19 installed. How do I crossflash this drive to a Pioneer with LabelFlash and bitsetting abilities? I have searched and read other threads, but they only give instructions on how to flash from firmware 1.06, but my firmware is 1.19, so how do I flash mine? what files do I need and in what order do I have to flash?

I would really appreciate instructions :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

You want to crossflash - it is unimportant which firmware is on the drive actually.

So what file/version/firmware do I crossflash to? Could you give me some insutructions? thanks :slight_smile:

Your Asus is a Pioneer 111. If you want go to TDB ( and grab the 111L 8.19 Int. and execute it. Then grab the latest 8.29 firmware and update the firmware. You will get Labelflash and automatic bitsetting.

Try 8.26 INT from here .

You had to go back to 1.06 originally (which is what I did taking my 111D to a 111L) but I think that has all changed now.

Edit: Llun beat me to it. You now got the options.

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I already got it to 111L 8.19 Int and now my drive displays as a Pioneer drive, but where can I get this 8.29 firmware from? I didn’t find it anywhere

Go down and you will find a Download button. Just press it and have fun. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that safe for my drive? Shouldn’t I wait for somethnig released by TD or something…?

After your drive is shown as a Pioneer 111L you can flash original firmware on it without any problems. If you want RPC1 you have to wait. If you dont need it then go for it. I flashed 2 days ago. The 8.29 is not supported (yet) by MediaCodeSpeedEdit by ala42 so its not possible to increase read speed yet (soon).

Ah I see. Thanks a lot for the explanantion…I dont know i think i’ll just wait :slight_smile:

Ok. I flashed from the original and all is ok. Just have to test it more. It`s your choice. Have fun. :bigsmile:

How did you flash it with the buffalo firmware, for me it says the target firmware is not supported, my drive is shown as dvr-111L 8.26.


/// ODD Firmware Update Utility Ver2.37C

Start updating the device No.1.
Current Revision>> PIONEER DVD-RW  DVR-111L 8.26  06/06/21
Current Signature = OEM_INT
The firmware of target drive is not correct F/W.
This firmware is not supported by this program.

:confused: Try the link i provided above and try again please. Let me know the result. I had no problems flashing that firmware. :confused:

My files: A0412541.829 and R11FOIN.exe.

Your Pio is now RPC1 or 2?

Try for more info.

the files are the same

This is what i did with my dvr-111d 1.29 :
Crossflashed it to 8.19 INT * then updated it to 8.26 INT.

are the files: A0412541.829 and R11FOIN.exe both from the buffalo site or you used another flasher?

Does it have to be done in “safe-mode”?

The files are from the Buffalo site… I think the problem is that your Pioneer is RPC1. Try this: Flash the Pio with 8.26 using TDB exe and original 8.26 firmware. Then your Pio must be RPC2 (or watch an original zone 2 dvd and the drive will change to RPC2). After this flash original 8.29 firmware.

I didn`t use safe mode but you can use it. :slight_smile:

W A I T I N G . . . ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :slight_smile:

i have flashed it to 111L v8.26 from the firmware by TDB.
Downloaded the new v8.29 from Buffalo site but cannot flash it.
Saying not recongized drive.
how to go about doing it

What I did was use the R11F0IN.exe from 8.26 & renamed the A0412541.829 file to A0412541.826 & it worked fine. The above exe must be in the same folder as the (now) .826 file.