ASUS DRW-1608P2S -- stop writing DVDs without error



Hello all!

I recently bought a drive ASUS DRW-1608P2S, mounted on a computer with following specs:

Motherboard: Soltek 85ERV
Celeron 2,4 GHz, 256 MB RAM

Primary master: HDD WD 80 GB
Secondary Master: ASUS DRW-1608P2S
Secondary slave: TEAC CD-RW W552G

Video: ATI Radeon 9200SE

SO: Windows 2000 SP4

Burning sofware: Nero

The drive was used just few times: for writing a DVD (data) and for viewing few movies.

The problem:

Trying to write a DVD (data), the writing process stops at various percents (28%, 6%, 68%, 55%) whitout error. Apparently, the drive is still writing (when I click on “Cancel” button appers a messagebox warning that canceling burn may render to an unusable disk; also, in Task Manager, Nero appear as “Running”), but the drive’s led is not functioning and also the progress bar from Nero is not moving.
I try to burn on Traxdata DVD-R and TDK+RW.

I updated the firmware from v. 1.22 to v. 1.37 but the problem still remains. The drive is running on UDMA4.

I would appreciate any suggestions! Thanx!



Hi and welcome!

Is there anything unnormal listed in the Nero log?


256 mb RAM? OMG.

Check the PSU and disconnect the TEAC drive.


Is there anything unnormal listed in the Nero log?

No. As I mentioned before, Nero is still burning (apparently) – I closed it either clicking on “Cancel” button (and then in log appered “User abort”) or ending the task (Nero) in Task Manager (and, of course, nothing is written in log).
Evrey time, I’ve canceled the burning process (either way) after at least 1:30 h in which the progress percent doesn’t change (doesn’t advanced).

Sorry for my english!



And update that obsolete Nero to!


Hello again!

It seems that updating to Nero solved the problem. I’ve wrote the TDK +RW (erased for 2 times) and a Traxdata -R and everything works OK!
I still can’t figure what happened!

Thank you all for your suggestions!