ASUS DRW-1608P2S Query

I got myself a ASUS DRW-1608P2S today… I have some Queries regarding this drive… I am totally new to Pioneer / Asus drives. Currently I was using a Lite-on 1633s.

  1. Which rebadged Pioneer drive is this exactly???
  2. I want to cross flash it to a Pioneer firmware with RPC1??? For this I plan to use info available here.
  3. Which is the best Firmware to flash this drive…
  4. If cross Flashed to Pioneer firmware will it be possible to revert back to ASUS firmware again??? If so what is the procedure??

Thanks in advance and hope to get valuable guindance from you guys in this regard…

Come on Guys… Pls Help… :frowning:

  1. dvr 110
  2. not sur … I croshflash asus 1608P2 to dvr 110

1608P3(dvr 111D) ou 1608P3S(dvr 111) is better than 1608P2(dvr 110D) or 1608P2S (dvr 110)

and firmware of pioneer is better supported than firmware of asus
that is why everybody crossflash to pioneer

for me, the only advantage of asus is perhaps the bundle of soft
but it is only my own opinion

You have to know what you are doing to succeed.

  1. 110D
  2. good idea
  3. normally the latest
  4. yes, if you have the correct firmwares and dvrflash.

The Asus drives sold here are approx. €5 more than the Pioneers.

It is 110 without “D” , Asus 1608P2 “without S” is 110D

I confirm it

Thanks for guidance… Going to try to flash now and will let ya know a little later…

Thanks guys…

I Successfully flashed my ASUS DRW-1608P2S to Pionner DVR-110. And the drive is working fine…

1.What is the difference b/w DVR-110 and A10XL drives???

  1. If I use the buffalo 8.39 fw from the TDB will autobitset will be enabled in my drive???

1-Only difference is in the appearance + A10XL uses Quite Drive software “controlling the speed of the drive” .
2- Yes

I have flashed to the Buffalo fw 8.39 and burnt one DVD+R and i could not set the bitsetting to DVD Rom.

Now when I am trying to revert back to DVR-110 fw 1.39 the DVRupdate 1.0 is not allowing me to do that. How can I revert back to DVR-110 fw. I have attaching the error msg which I got.

It is [B]AUTO[/B]bitsetting , just burn a DVD+R disc and see its properties in Nero Infotool and you would see it reads it as DVD-ROM .
If you realy need to revert back to 1.39 , use DvrFlash .


It indeed is set to DVD-ROM. you are correct… I have sucessfully flashed back to DVR-110 firmware using dvrflash… But i did not go to the safe mode and do. And it still worked… Is it necessary to use safe mode when using DVRflash???

It is SAFER and avoids flashing issues of any kind.

Gotcha point… Does the DVR-110 fw 1.39 from TDB has got any riplock???

I’ve never used safe mode myself when flashing , but it is safer .

If you realy want bitsetting flash back to 8.39 .
And TDB Pioneer 110 1.39 or 8.39 have riplock , you can increase the rip speed by using MCSE :

It is a great tool , just load the f/w file in it and check the “increase read speed” and save the f/w , then flash the drive with it .

Sometimes it’s even necessary to flash into safe mode or the flasher will deny your attempt with telling you that a disc from the drive needs to be removed first even when there is no disc in the drive of course…

Maybe some flashers do that , or some drives , my experience was only with Pio 108/109/110 , and Sony 810A , I never used safe mode with these , and for some reason when I first flashed the Sony to Benq 1640 , I forgot a disc in the drive but it worked just fine after the flash :clap:
I don’t know whether I am that lucky or techniques for flashing drives are different .

That was really luck! :wink:

But in that thread it says that in only supports fw 1.22 but I am using 1.39 should try it with 1.39???