Asus DRW-1608P2S Media Compatibility?

I just installed this drive. I’m using the latest firmware from Asus, firmware 1.37. The drive is set as primary slave. To my surprise this drive is suppose to write DVD+/-R DL up to 8X. I’m using Verbatim DVD+R DL with AZO. This media rates for up to 10X write speed. Using Nero and Prassi as burning softwares. Both report write speed at only 2.4X. I’ve tried Taiyo Yuden media as well. It also reports only around 2.4X to 4X write speed. These are high quality media. What gives? Is it the drive’s firmware that needs to be unlocked? If so, where can I get another firmware? I thought this drive was based on the A10XL by pioneer. It has 5X Dvd-ram write speed.

My Nec 3500AG running on an external usb case works better. Most reliable drive thus far. At least it writes DVD+R DL at it’s rated speed of 4X on any media that I throw at it.

I’m running Windows XP Pro Sp2.

I don’t think that it’s a cable or ide problem since I had an Iomega dvd-rw drive on the same primary slave ide before it was replaced by the Asus drive. The Iomega worked fine with every media format and brand that I used.

Searching the forums didn’t yield much help thus far for this particular Asus drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Your software is most likely the problem, or the firmware has not the required support for these new 8x rated DVD+R DL media…
In this case standard write strategy is used and you can them only burn at 2.4x.

Try alas MCSE tool to swap strategies. :wink:

Is the drive running UDMA 4 in the device manager?, The drive requires an 80 conductor 40 pin IDE cable!

Thanks guys. Drive is reading Ultra Dma Mode 4. Cable and ide are fine as well. I forgot to mention last night that the problem also occurs on both DVD+R and DVD-R. They write under their rated speeds as well for high quality Taiyo Yudens, Maxells, Verbatims, etc… I can’t seem to get above 4X. For cheap Phillips CMC DVD+Rs it will write at 6X. The Phillips are rated at 8X.

I think it’s likely the firmware or a damage drive. I’ll try the MCSE tool to switch write strategy asap.

Check the BIOS for IDE/DMA settings too.

MSCE won’t fix your problem, if TY and verbatim don’t burn at their rated speed then there is an issue that needs to be resolved first. :slight_smile:

Bios setting for all ide drives is on auto. It’s always been on this without any problems thus far. Thanks.

So no one here knows of a firmware that I can try that will resolve this issue? Thanks. I’ve tried contacting Asus. No reply yet. I’ll just replace this garbage drive if they don’t reply. I’ll get the Benq 1655 or another Nec. Thanks.

Maybe just Nero is outdated, latest version is

Thanks chef! Nero is the latest and Prassi is the latest 2.0.326.

It would help if you tell us the media code of your media. The Verbatim 8x certified DL MKM 003 media is only supported at 2.4x write speed with the ASUS (and also Pioneer) 1.37 firmware. Either you wait until ASUS releases a newer firmware or you crossflash to the Pioneer 110 1.39 firmware, which voids your warranty.

Good catch Ala42! :iagree:

NScythe, as ala42 suggested you either have to wait for ASUS to release 1.39 or you have to crossflash over to a pioneer with FW 1.39. Chances of your drive failing before warranty is over is very slim, I would crossflash it! (search the forum if you wish to).

Sorry guys! I forgot about the media code. I’ll check into it asap. Thanks for your patience and help. Later.

Crossflash! I did and have an A10!

It does look like the Verbatim DL DVD+R was MKM 003 (000) under both Nero CD DVD Speed and Dvdinfo pro. Write speed is only supported at 2.4X with the current 1.37 firmware. I’ll just crossflash and be done with it. Shame on Asus not answering my emails and releasing a drive that has really bad media compatibility out of the box. This is the first drive that I’ve recalled with such bad media support. I’ve owned plenty of various brands. So currently the Pioneer firmware is 1.39. I should use this one correct? Thanks.

“bad media support” lol

Use 1.39 and try again or use alas MCSE tool!