ASUS DRW-1608P2S-D (external)

i want to buy this drive and i want to know if all the posts on the forum about the ASUS DRW-1608P2S apply to the ASUS DRW-1608P2S-D

and if its a different model does anybody know
how good it is as a scanner for data dvd and audio cd?
how good a burner for data dvd and audio cd?
how good at DAE?


Hi & welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, the external drive (-D) will do the same things as the internal model.


  • this is a Pioneer DVR-110D clone, not their best unit and two generations old now (with 111 and 112 released meanwhile).
  • Pioneers (and consequently this Asus) aren’t useful as scanners.

That said, it should burn CD/DVD just fine and if you can get it for, let’s say, $/€ 50 or less it can be a good buy.

thanks very much for the reply now i can do more research about it

i think it was gonna cost me $160 where i live, technology is pretty old and expensive here but asus didn’t release a newer external drive than this yet

can u please tell me what other external drives are better than this? am i better off with a liteon?

btw just found out this one is DVR-110 not 110D because it can write DVD-RAM at 5X
and i read the DVR-110 review on the main page it seems great as a burner but probably not a good scanner as u said
a user also mentioned that its on udma4 which makes it able to reach full speed as external burner right?

Hey, perhaps I’m a bit harsh on the price but $160 is definitely too much. I have a couple of DRW-0804P-D’s and hate Pioneer for not releasing 16X media support for these (they’re Pioneer DVR-107D’s inside). The 110 still does everything a current burner should, so if you you like that drive, I would’nt want to keep you from enjoying it. I believe it comes with both USB and FireWire connections and the design is nice, so that’s worth paying a bit more for. A Lite-On 165P6SX will give you reliable Disc Quality scanning though. :slight_smile:

thanks again
i will certainly look into the liteon option before buying this one (especially compare the prices)

ok i think i made up my mind after reading the reviews
its one of these 2 drives (whichever i find)

Asus DRW-1608P2S-D (rebadged Pioneer DVR-110)
Asus DRW-1608P3S-U (rebadged Pioneer DVR-111)

The Pioneer 111 is the better drive, but the P3S-U enclosure doesn’t have FireWire (only USB).

lol, now i have something new to worry about
which one do you think i should go for? the better drive or the one with the firewire?

If your (laptop?) has FireWire, it would be good if the enclosure does as well.

yes its a laptop with firewire, thanks man for all the help i will get the one with the firewire, after all dvr-110 is not a bad drive at all