Asus DRW-1608p

Hi, I think that I’m having a problem with Asus DRW 1608p.
I bought it like a week ago, burned 3 DVD (iso). One of them is a drive image, and the other two that are a compilation (movies etc…) are not readible anymore, but when I put them on the other recorders (my friends) they are readible. Verbatim is used for this.
Firmware is latest.
So can anyone help me.
P.S. I have AnyDVD and Alcohol latest installed. tried removing but nothing.

They are the problem here.

Don’t understand?

Sorry I miswrote it’s Asus 1608p2

These softwares produce the issues.

I need a normal reply, don’t understand a thing

Even with a fresh Win, DVD’s still not working.