Asus drw-1608p windows xp problem

I have a the Asus drw-1608p dvd writer for a month,under windows 2000 and everything was fine.But when i upgraded my system to windows xp i have this curious problem:
-when i insert a cd/dvd in my drive…windows don’t read the cd/dvd; autorun don’t work,but in device manager everything is ok(my dvd writer is recognised and windows says is working fine).
-so i have on primary the HDD master and on secondary ide the dvd master

I don’t know what to do;everything seems to be ok…but the driver is not reading cds.

Ps: -the dvd writer is working fine on other computer.
-i only can install windows from the cd (if i have the windows cd in my drive,when i restart,i can open the boot cd…and so i reinstalled the windows…but same problem after)

This is a big problem because i can’t install any software that i need.


That is an xp problem, nothing else. Very obvious.

Have you “upgraded” or installed from scratch newly?

All XP Service Packs and patches applied?

The problem is solved.

And how?

After i inserted an audio cd and tryed to play it with media player,suddenly the autorun worked and since then all the cds/dvds are working fine.It was a curious problem;like u said “That is an xp problem, nothing else. Very obvious.”.
Thanks for replys.



it’s 2007 and after a format/reinstall of windows i have the same problem…tryed the audio cd tryck…but nothing

Same question…what should i do ?!

still i can’t use the dvdrom

i installed windows98 and dvd works fine…but with xp still not