ASUS DRW-1608P No Speed Control

When I used ASUS DRW-1608P to play a DVD movie, it used full speed all the time, and generated lots of noise. It was very annoying. So, I used Nero DriveSpeed v.3.01 to reduce the reading speed. Two strange things happened. Firstly, Nero only detects two speed settings (40X and 24X) available. Seconly, I tried to select 24X from the drop-down menu, but the drive failed to response. The current reading speed stayed at 40X. I also tried to use Asus CD-ROM Speed Setting Utility (cdspeed.exe) to lower the reading speed. It also failed.

For your information, I have tried ASUS firmware version 1.40 and 1.57, and Pioneer A09 v. 1.55. I could not adjust the speed in all cases. Do you think having two speed settings only is strange? Do I have a faulty reader? Any suggestions?

Do you have insert a DVD before you turn on Drivespeed?

If you crossflashed to an A09, just use Pioneer’s Quiet Drive utility.

40x and 24x is only for CD, of course. Select DVD and detect, also set your own speeds. 1x. 2x. 4x. etc.

I tried using Quiet Drive Utility. It did not detected my crossflashed DVD-Writer.

Yes, the CD was in the drive before I turned on DriveSpeed.

Then you (probably) haven’t cross-flashed to the 109XL/A09.

Put a DVD in and then load Drivespeed

Hello everyone i have exactly the same problem as kenkar, i have Asus 1604P, and i cant watch DVD movies because it is so noisy !! :(, as kenkar said nerodrivespeed doesnt work, so i have crossflashed my burner to Pioneer
DVR-108 in order to use Quietdrive utility, but it also doesnt work because it doesnt detect my drive despite windows detect it as Pioneer … starnge isnt it ? Can somebody give me some advice iam rather noob in this things :slight_smile: thx :bow:

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You have to crossflash it with an A08XL firmware to use the Quietdrive utility.

No! I have crossflashed my ASUS 1608P to A09 and the QuietUtility works. However when my 1608P was in “normally” mode, with original bios of ASUS, when using DVD Video no noise occures… i have crossflashed only for latest and fastest update from Pioneer…

Unfortunately i cant crossflash my drive to A08XL the get the following message :

DVRFlash -vf H: R8143008.114 R8143108.120

Reading firmware ‘R8143008.114’…
firmware is of Kernel type (PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-108 1.14 )
Reading firmware ‘R8143108.120’…
firmware is of Normal type (PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-108 1.20 )

Drive Information:
Description - PIODATA DVD-RW DVR-108DX
Firmware Rev. - 1.18
Firmware Date - 04/11/25
Manufacturer - PIONEER
Drive is in normal mode.

Additional Drive Information:
Serial number - DHDL013842WL
Interface type - ATA
DVR generation - 0008
Kernel type - PIODATA
Normal type - PIODATA
Kernel version - 0001

Firmwares and Drive type mismatch
Continue because force option was specified
You are trying to flash an XL firmware onto what appears to be a
standard drive. Doing so can damage your drive: operation cancelled.

So i think it cannot be done :frowning: what do you think ?

DVRFlash -vff H: R8143008.114 R8143108.120
at your own risk.

The result with option -vff is exactly the same as with -vf :(…
doesnt work

Then you must use an obsolete DVRFlash version!
Use DVRFlash 2.2.

OK ! its working :), finally i can use QuietDriveUtility and it works fine yeah !!
Thanks for help !
But i have another question, now i have firmware 1.20 for A08XL - is this the newest ?
And what is the difference between firmwares 1.20 A08XL and PIODATA 1.80 ?.. will i lose something, i gain quiet but for sure i dont have bitsetting (i dont know what it is anyway), and as i saw before i had unlocked regions and now i see it is locked.

PIODATA fw has bitsetting, normal and XL firmwares don’t.