ASUS DRW 1608P Firmware Dilemma!

Hi Experts,

what is the last BEST firmware for this burner? I have actually downloaded a version named 1.50 (without “B”) and a 1.40 (with “EU”). The Asus Download Page for this burner have only 1.17 and 1.40, but NOTHING about 1.50! :confused:

Actually I have flashed from 1.17 to 1.50, but if i can downgrade to 1.40 i will be… Is 1.50 Official Release, or only 1.40 is Official Release? The 1.50 was flashing OK without “convert” to Pioneer 109. The “Falsher” have no give me problems or errors from 1.17 to 1.50. Version 1.40 is better than 1.40? Burnings are Ok because i use ONLY Verbatim Media, but… 1.40 is better? :rolleyes:

Can You Help Me? Anyone have this Dilemma with this burner! HELP! HELP!


1.50 should be official, but I have no idea where you downloaded your version from. :wink:

ASUS had 1.50 up on their website for a short while, but they later removed it.
It is unknown why they removed it…