Asus DRW-1608P burning problems


I have an Asus DRW-1608P DVD writer and soon after installing it, I have encountered several problems! I have upgraded the firmware from 1.17 to 1.40 at the first time and downloaded the latest nero utility. When I tried to burn a DVD-R disk it started the process, filled the memory buffer and stopped doing anything!
The progress bar of the written amount of data didn’t moved a bit, however the buffer was full, and the CPU usage bar also moved sometime, but the LED of the drive didn’t flashed any! It was the same with CDs, and also Alcohol 120% did the same!
After 15 minutes I aborted the process and the disk was unusable, although it didn’t contained any data. I tried to burn a rewritable CD with Windows XP’s CD writer software and it burned it correctly! I don’t really know why could a stupid integrated CD burning software do something what a professional one couldn’t! I also upgraded the firmware to 1.50 but it didn’t help!
What could be the problem? Can anyone help? I have an Intel P4 2,2GHz CPU, 512MB DDR RAM, 2 hard drives, and the DVD writer is the secondary master, with a liteon LTD163 DVD-ROM slave, although it didn’t work withot the slave also! Please if you have any suggestions, tips or know anything that can solve the problem please help! Thanks a lot!

I have the same drive, and the same problem I updated firmware up to 1.50,
but the problem still exists, trying the bundled nero may work,
but I hate such problem devices so I will buy a new brand dvd writer… (pioneer 109 is the same drive…what a pity big brands produce such weak devices, asus disappointed me this time )
Really Sad

READ the installation instruction carefully!
The drive has to be connected to a 80wire IDE cable, preferably as MASTER drive. That’s because it has an UDMA4 Host Interface, most of all optical drives have only a UDMA2 Host I/F.
Disable that crap IMAPI Burn Engine coming with your OS!
Only use a reliable burning app, even if you choose to use the latest Nero version…

For more info please have a look into the PIONEER sub-section.