Asus DRW-1604P Standalone Duplicator

I have a standalone 1 to 1 not able to connecto to a PC. The source is Asus Model: DVD E616P2 16x Max anthe burner is a cd/dvd combo Asus Model: DRW-1604P Please let me know where I can get an update firmware so I can burn to a cd or dvd and I can update firmware on my standalone. :bow:

The firmware for your standalone has nothing to do with the drives in it!

Then what does it have to do with?

Ask the manufacturer of the duplicator please and don’t crosspost, because its against the forum rules.

I’m really new at this… I figured someone could help but I won’t post anymore I don’t even know what crossposting is. The manufacturer is no longer in business. I guess I’ll just by another. Thanks for the help.

OK now I know what is crossposting. I will no longer do it. I just though they were different. Now I know