ASUS DRW-1604P DVD Burner

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ASUS recently sent us their DRW-1604P drive, which is a 16X speed, Dual Format, Double Layer, DVD recorder. This drive is based on the popular Pioneer DVR-108 drive. The name ASUS is very familiar to most people due to the companies well known computer products and peripherals. The DRW-1604P is one of their latest DVD writers, but how does it perform? Read the article to find out!

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Why do none of the quality tests in CDFreaks reviews include jitter? Jitter is part of the ECMA specifications for DVD’s, and jitter levels of above 9% are out of spec.

Sorry, but if it is indeed a Pioneer 108 clone, what is the purpose of the test… to show the firmware quality perhaps. :g

One of the reasons is that we do not have calibrated equipment for testing jitter. The jitter tests in plextools with plextor drives and in CD-Speed with BenQ drives is not accurate enough. If we should believe benq reported jitter, 90% of the discs would be out of specs exceeding 9% jitter.
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Not the fastest drive for DVD, but great writing-quality, like I expect from Pioneer-clones. I hpe you present soon a review of the Asus 1608 or Pioneer 109 :B

This is Cdfreaks first review on a Pioneer 108 based drive. We previously reviewed the Pioneer A08XLA, which can be considered a different drive because it uses different hardware and different firmware. Cdfreaks tries to review as many drives as possible. :wink:

That´s nice, Wes :slight_smile: Hope some new reviews are on the way :X



hi, I downloaded the free trial version & used it for less than a week. It got expired, even b4 I could avail the 30 day trial period. I realised that I made some changes to the system date b4 installation and installed and later I changed the system date. This is creating this issue. I tried to reinstall and getting the same message that I need to buy the software. Is there any work around?? Any help would really be appreciated.

The comparison chart on their website does not inlcude the free version so you can’t see what additonal featrures may be obtained by purchasing the upgrade.

The free version does exactly what it says it will do. It removes the protection, that’s it.

I have been using the program for 4 years and I find that it is a great program for copying DVDs. It automatically removes all css, region, etc. I has 2 modes, 1 for for fitting it to a single layer dvd the other platinium option offers slitting, episodes and main movie only. I have yet to find a DVD it doesn’t work on. Over all there are lots of choices without being to complicated.

I wouldn’t consider this the best but it certainly does a good job of decrypting newer DVD’s,is freeware and gets updated regularly. Its so easy to use.If you cant figure how to use this tool then you shouldn’t own a PC. :wink:

Better than Clonedvd2. With Clonedvd you need AnyDvd. This is all in one.

Can you explain Why ther is not contact No for Technical support as Ihave Bought one of your product and I can not be able to use it at is best! Regards Mr D. Fortuna

This is an all-in-one software. It does it all. No need for two or more apps to do the same thing. It has a decryptor, encoder, converter, customize tiles and menus plus more. It is user friendly, in fact it is so easy a caveman can do it.

Still waiting for the tutorial for Platinum 3080. Any idea when it may be available? The Software is great, I would just like to take full advantage of it. Thanks a lot.

No way this is working in 10 to 20 minutes to copy. It takes about an hour to decrypt and another 30-60 mins to write. Is this my issue or is it much slower than stated here?

Love DVD Fab Gold. It has overtaken 1 Click DVD Copy as my backup program of choice. As for dp’s burning issue, there could be several possibilities. What speed are you burning? Also check to make sure you are burning in Ultra DMA mode. If you are not then your backup burn can take as long as you are reporting. It is likely you can do a search on this website for tips to check whether or not your DVD burner is doing so in Ultra DMA. I experienced your problem and this was the solution. Good Luck!! :slight_smile: