Asus DRW-0402P same as Pioneer 106/A06

Just wondering if the Asus DRW-0402P DVD burner is the same as the Pioneer 106/A06? I did some searching, but people think it was the same as the A05 (old threads), however, the A05 doesn’t support + format, and the Asus does. Can someone verify if the Asus is the same, if so. Is it a good idea to just buy the Asus model since it’s a fair amount cheaper than the Pioneer, or are the firmware on the devices drastically different that would hinder the performance of the asus vs. the pioneer? Thanks for the help.

PS: I would like to purchase one of these drives tomorrow evening, so the quicker the replies, the better.:bigsmile:


Asus DRW-0402P is -R/-RW driver, and is the same as 105/A05

The 0402"P/D" is the one you’re talking about. It’s a dual DVD
burner and is the same as pioneer 106/A06.

Be careful not to mix up!

Ooops! Ok, so if me and my friend were to both get the DRW-0402P/D would it be virtually the same as the 106/A06? Know if there are major differences in terms of firmware, ie: Pioneer burns better, or on cheaper media? I’m mainly gonna do Xbox backups, and mostly data backups, once in a while a movie, but doubt that’ll be often. If I go w/either the DRW-0402P/D would I be set? Thanks a ton for the help.

Yes, media compatibility is the same with both drives.

Remember to update the drive to latest v1.07 :wink:

The only drawback is if you want to use the hacked firmware (rpc1, DVD-read speed limit removed and all 1X DVD-R could be written at 2X), notice that hacked firmwares woid your warranty.

If you want to use the hacked firmware it have to be converted to a pioneer and it will be impossible to get it back to an asus.

But if you don’t need rpc1 and the other things and stays with the official updates, then it’s great and the same as a pioneer DVR-106 in every aspect (maybe minus some program support due to the asus name instead of the pioneer name).

Sorry for the dumb question, but what’s rpc1? :confused:
And would the Asus work ok with Nero 6 Ultra?