ASUS DRV 0804-P writing problem

greetings my new friends. im a newbie here but i have some experience about burning cd’s or sth. whatever i’ve been using my asus dvd writer for a month. and using the cheapest dvd media (4x princo white) i find. but i sometimes have problem with those. first of all i couldn’t find any topic about asus so i opened it in pioneer topic. i hope you wouldnt mind.
the problem is sometimes when i want to backup my divx films into a dvd-r i burn it in 4x speed but sometimes after burning my writer isnt able to read that dvd. i cant open what i written on it. what can i do to get over it? should i update my dvd-rw’s firmware? i heard this kind of things make the writers out of warranty. will it be out of warranty if i update it? the current firmware is 1.05 the default one maybe i can somehow make it better.
waiting for your answers.
thank you so much

could somebody help me? i’ve downloaded the new firmware for my drive(v 1.15)
and found out my drive is actually the same with pioneer 107d
plz somebody give me an answer. will the writing quality improve if i update its firmware? and is it that risky that i shouldnt do that?
should i update its firmware? somebody give me an answer plz.
thank you so much

If you flash your firmware with Non Asus firmware, it would void your warranty, I am posting a link to your drives firmware, and It is one version (Pioneer’s currently 1.16) behind the newest on Asus’s site(1.15) Also could you post some additional details like software used, does it only happen with divx files. The reason new firmwares get released is to improve writing, and reading abilities of the drive, but I have to say, I have never written a dvd that was unreadable with the same drive, same firmware used to read and write. I do think it would be advisable to update your drives firmware, as there have been quite a few released since 1.05. Also read this: Good luck.

thank you for your interest.
first of all i use an old version of nero (
and when i look details of my recorder it shows the maximum speed is 4x.
and i use princo 4x dvd-r’s
i do nothing while writing dvds on my pc i have athlon 1700 xp 256 ddr ram. and nothing but edonkey works background. in spite of all of these things i sometimes face unreadable dvd’s. i only backup my divx files. but while backuping dvd movies there’s no problem.
do you really think that i should update it? and the 2nd link i didnt understand anything cuz im not familiar with these things.
and what should i be careful with while flashing? what should i and shouldnt i do?
do you think i should update it or install a newer version of nero?
thank you so much

Try updating Nero to the newest version.
Alot of problems have been fixed by using v6.xx of Nero.