Asus + datawrite

Hi, i hope i’m posting in the right place…

i have a problem with a pack of datawrite mach4 16X (CMC MAG AE3)

my burner only recorded 20 out of 50 it give this error (pic below)

is there something i can do to record those 30 discs it won’t burn?


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The MID according to the burn statistics indicates CMC MAG. AM3, not AE3 (which I hadn’t heard of until you posted it).

Since Datawrite discs are suspect anyway (being a budget brand) IMO, I would suggest trying 8x instead of the full 16x with those discs.

If that fails as well, then try some better discs like Sony or Verbatim.

However, since I believe this to be a media problem, I’ll move it to the Blank Media forum :wink:

Edit:…thread moved.

hi, tanks and sorry for posting in the wrong place…it realy is a media proble cause i burned a tdk in halfe the time and no problems during recording, i was wondering if there wase anyting else to do wth the media except play fresbee :slight_smile:
the firmaware is the most updated and i tryed to burn at 8 and even 4x and it wouldn’t burn :frowning: it raly is CMC MAG AM3 :slight_smile: my bad :slight_smile: sorry…

P.S: i’v been burning datawrites for some time and no problem…except some discs with the same proble but few…5 in a pack or 10 at the most…never had a ASUS burner do…is it peeky with media? tanks

Oh dear…if trying a lower speed didn’t help, I think frisbee is your only option :wink:

I don’t know much about Asus burners, and how they handle suspect media…I think you should try another disc brand (and keep the burn speed lower, say at 8x or 12x).

ok nothing to do then :frowning:
i bought verbatim but even those are india made…only now wen i brought them and searched here i saw they are medium low quality :a i realy have to change the store were i buy them…next time will buy some verbatim MCC 03RG20 i saw they were the best by being produced by Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. right? was wondering about buying just a pack of datawrite yellow do…but the media id is the same…CMC MAG AM3 is it probable that might have the same problem?

I actually like the Made in India Verbatims (I use the +R, MCC004), they burn very well for me at 8x. I would give them another try. :slight_smile:

i will give them another try…just brougth them in replacement of the other 3 packs of 50 discs of the mach4 i bought at the same time as the on that onl burned 20 :slight_smile: changed to a 100dvd pack lost 50 dvds but i’m hopping i can bur all 100 instead of just 20 in each 50 :slight_smile:
the guy in the store told me that another custumer didn’t have problems withe the same disc but he was burning with a nec an an LG…wy the hell did i
have to go for an asus this time…my sweet nec and lg…sold both do :smiley: maybe ill buy a nec wen i buy another motherboad with more satas…have all 4 busy at the moment… :slight_smile: then i might give the datawrites anohter try… :slight_smile:
tanks for the help :bow:

see you next time :kiss: :flower:

Datawrite discs can be very hit and miss. It can be a gamble, sometimes they are great (usually a new product line) and some can be very poor.

If you want something that you can rely on, time after time, you should go for Verbatims or similar. YMMV