Asus crw4816a: Problem with 90/99min discs


I have the following problem:

I Use the asus crw4816a (firmware 1.13)

Now I bought CDRs with a lengh of 100min.

But when i tried to burn a movie with a lengh of 88 min it didn’t work. I tried to burn it with Nero Burning Rom, (the newest Update: In Nero I also enabled the “Disc at once” burning to 99min.

I don’t know why it doesn’t work, because I think the writer supports overburning.

I hope, someone can give me a tip.

Many thanks


First: Welcome to the fourm.
Are you sure how much that drive can overturn? According to a review on one of its negative points was that it “cannot recognize written 99min CDs.” This doesn’t necessarly mean that it can’t write them, but it certainly not encouraging.

Hello BlackWolf

Many Thanks for your answer!!!

in the article which you gave here, there is also the following line in the positive list:

“Supports Overburning (up to 99mins)”

And therefore i don’t understand why it doesn’t work!

The second problem i have is:

I think, after the last firmware-update (i made it from version 1.0 to 1.13), my burner burns a little bit slower than before.

Could both problems come because of the update?

Manys thanks


My apologies for that, all I had to do was look on the other side of the summary of the review. I’m glad you read it correctly, my error! I am not familiar with that particular drive so I’m probably not the best person to advise you on this matter. I looked on some sites to see what the overburning capacity of that particular drive was and didn’t find it, you may want to follow up on this yourself for the new firmware. That review was for firmware v1.00, not the later firmware. This could have changed the overburning capacity of the drive, and the writing speed for the particular disc you are using. So yes, both problems could be because of the firmware update. The drive may now burn slower on some media to reduce the intolerable C2 errors which were prevalent at higher speeds in the review. As to whether or not it had an effect on the overburning capacity of the drive I have no idea. Best Wishes.

Hello again

and thanks again for your answers!

Perhaps someone here could give me the older firmware-version 1.0 of the asus crw4816A, so that I can test the different versions?!

I will search the forum for that, perhaps it’s possible to find the older version!

Many THANKS!!!


You may be able to find older firmware here:
Remember that I don’t know whether or not the new firmware killed the drives overburning capabilities or not; it may be due to something totally different. You need to check that out for yourself or if you are lucky someone who is familiar with that particular drive will make a post. I know that you said that you did this but recheck this in NERO File->Preferences->Expert Features->Enable overburn “disc-at-once” burning set to 99 min 59 sec. If you revert to an older firmware it’s probably a good idea to slow down your burning speed to be in line with the newer firmware. Good luck.


I tried out the different firmware versions 1.0 and 1.13, but I have to say, there is no difference in writing-speed.

Now I bought other CDRs with 90 and 99 min and now it works - it seems that it was really a problem of the cdr-type (they were from tx - with 100min ( sorry, I thougt that it was 99min)

Now, with cdrs from “Intenso” it works!

Many greetings and Thanks!


I noticed this article on “Overburning: 100 Minutes On An Audio CD.”

The page below suggest settings of 120 minutes 59 seconds in Nero, rather than the one I gave you.

I wouldn’t recommend using CD’s of this nature unless you really have to. They are by their very nature inferior disk because of the track density alone. Even a 90 minute CD would be better, if it will fit your needs. Slow the recording speed down as much as possible because of the high recording speed at the outer edges. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a 100 minute CD, I thought you really meant 99 minutes. Please post how this works out. This might have a use in my auto CD changer, if it will read them.

Hello BlackWolf

Yesterday I bought different CDRs with 90 and 99min and I tried out to burn them with my burner - and it works!

Now i tried to burn a 99min cd up to 100,23 min ( nearly 30 songs), but my audiocd-player can’t play the last song of the cd.

The Windows Media Player didn’t play all songs and can’t play different songs which are played by the AudioCD-Player!

At the Moment I have no more 100min cds, now I use the 99min cds and it seems to work better, but I will try it out a little bit further and give you a little report of the different media-types and my experiences with that.
Today I will try to burn a 99min CD up to the normal lengh.

Many greetings