Asus CRW-5232AS OEM can't flash firmware

Hi all.Recently I bought an ASUS CRW5232AS drive.It’s firmware version is
1.00. When I tried to upgrade its firmware, the utility tells me it can’t
find the device to upgrade.Drive is OEM and it is interesting that drive has only one led like older 5224.Nero recognize this drive as “CRW-5232AS” it haven’t “ASUS” in name.Althouth this drive look different from that from asus site inside this is perfectly same like asus in reviews.I asume this drive can be flashed.I also try MTKFlash for dos to save firmware to file it recognized eeprom but stop at beginning.
If anybody have idea please let me know.Thanks a lot.
PS. I’m sorry for my bad english.

Hi .This is only small add to my post MTKFlash 1.80.1 recognize eeprom in my CDRW as 25VF040 but I found that my eeprom is 29F040 (29f040QC-70 correctly) .
Does anybody knows is mtkflash support this eeprom or where can I find source code of mtkflash?
I am not the only who has this drive I know many people with same problem that they can’t use benefits of new firmwares for this drive

Any news (updates) for this issue? It is still valid with mktflash 1.83c
Also, if you have real ASUS CDW-5232AS, please, help me on this issue: