ASUS CRW-5224A help please!

Hello ppl,

I have an ASUS CRW-5224A but I have a problem. The writers capabilities are writing cd-r at 52x, rewriting at 24x and reading at 52x.  When I read images, I get very low speed (about 10x) and when writing the cd takes up to 7 minutes to complete. I've tried various media but same results.. What I'm doing wrong? I've tried with Nero Burning Rom, CloneCD, Alcohol 120%, BlindWrite Suite etc. but same read/write times. :a 

Help !!!:confused:

most given question:

is your writer working in UDMA mode?
it really helps to improve the performance.

where are you reading from?
you won’t get the full reading speed if you’re reading from CDRW or damaged cd’s.
are your programs and drivers up to date?
i have no problem with the reading/writing speed of my asus crw5224a
write a cd in 2.40 mins.

I’m reading from the CDRW and the media I use are ok, also the software are up to date…

I don’t know if it runs in UDMA mode. How can I ensure that ?

What other settings maybe are wrong?

Sorry for my bad english & thanks!

configuration screen
hardware list
IDE ATA controllers
primary/secondary (depends on where you connect your writer)
right click on one of them
select properties
look if UDMA is enabled.
if not check in your bios if you enabled UDMA for your drives

try reading from an another source (no CDRW)
asus reading speed is limited to 32 speed when reading CDRW’s

may be you should check your aspi layer as well
dont know if it has something to do with your problems but you never know.

Hello, what OS are u using?

I have Windows 98 Second Edition english version.
I 've enabled DMA for hard disks and it’s a bit better…
UDMA is also enabled. Still the maximum read speed of a CD-R is about 6 minutes (15) and write speed about 5 minutes (16).

Also, in properties => performance => file system => cd-rom => optimize access pattern for: is No-read ahead and cannot be changed. I don’t know what goes wrong :frowning:
Is there a tool, or another way to find out what’s going on? or can someone tell me exactly what settings to check on bios and the hardware configuration?


Thanks alot for your help!