ASUS CRW-5224A Firmware in binary and recovery help

Hey I was trying to flash my ASUS E616 DVD-ROM but i messed it up and now my DVD-ROM is dead. However my ASUS CRW-5224A CDRW is working but unrecognised in windows. I presume it is because i need to flash a full binary onto it. I have been trying to find a binary for this drive but have been unable to. I would highly appreciate it, if someone could give me a binary (possibly by backing up your own binary and giving it to me?), as well as any help/directions cus i cud b considered a newbie in this. I plan to use mtkflash. will it work?!


Try downloading the MTKFLASH utility it works with all the MEDIATEK chipsets. It worked on my Asus. I think Asus uses mostly Mediatek. It will read the existing fw and write new fw to an unrecognized drive! Great util. I hook my drive to PRIMARY IDE as SLAVE and that worked great. You may need to try them all to get it working. Good luck.