ASUS CRW-52 in the uk?

Help after reading the reviews by you guys on this drive i just got to get one but nobody in the uk stock this drive? unless anybody knows of a uk retailer:)
any ideas guys:bow:

Have only seen the 48 speed on the UK websites , but perhaps these people will ship it sometimes ?

call them to order one for you
some stores here in holland dont have them to. they only order it when somebody wants one. i think it’s the price, there is not much differce between a 48 speed and a 52 speed.

Thanks guys rang the store Mr. Belvedere recomended and they tell me its not out yet but might be out in a couple of weeks ?
but u know what its like i want one now :frowning:
will just have to wait:eek:
by the way futureproof reconds this drive is much better than the x48 so im going to wait for this model :slight_smile:

i totally agree with futureproof.
the asus 52 speed is absolutely better as the 48 speed model.

find it weird that you get an anwser that the drive isn’t out there. here in holland i was able to get the drive 1 week ago.
from wich supplier gets the store his drives?

Maelstrom, :slight_smile: thanks for the info, do you think the store in Holland would ship to the UK ? I wonder if the drive would be the same spec ? ie work in the UK. If it was all ok this would solve me problem.
But do they speak English cos me ignorant and can’t speak tee Dutch.:slight_smile:
:bow: :bow:

going to ask it monday
but if they do it i dont know ho much shipping costs they’ll going to ask.
don’t think it’s going to be cheap.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: At last I found a retailer and he has a lot of stock of all the Asus cdrw ie. 40x the 48 and mine the 52x the 52x sells @£67.88.
:stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to get it.

so for those that want one hear is the web address

Sorry cant seem to paste the direct link :confused:

Looks like I did manage to paste the web add :smiley:

:bow: :bow:
Many thanks Maelstrom I have managed to order one :wink:
very kind of you to offer to phone though :bow:

NP :slight_smile:

but you said £67.88
if im right that is the same as €105.6

here in holland you can buy an Asus CRW5224A for €89
quite a big difference.

but hey go for it
Asus rocks

Now i’m well pleased I found it in the U.K:p and again many thanks.:bow:

Originally posted by Maelstrom
[B]NP :slight_smile:

but you said £67.88
if im right that is the same as €105.6

here in holland you can buy an Asus CRW5224A for €89
quite a big difference.

but hey go for it
Asus rocks [/B]

Well I have a similar problem. I can find the ASUS here at €110, while the Sony is at about €80. So is the difference of 20-30euros worth it? That much better the ASUS than the Sony? I thought both of them are actually LiteOn, which means almost the same capabilities and performance. I read the reviews at and I want the ASUS but the difference in price is considerable!!!

Maelstrom is there a shop there that can ship to Greece? :slight_smile:

lity and asus both uses mediatek chipsets but the drives are NOT the same.
if you look at the inside of the drive you see that the asus has better quality components and is solid build. and the asus drive uses his own pick-up device wich no other drive has.
the inside of the lity looks all fragile and easy to break.
check some hardware reviews on this subject.
besides that, i just like the look of the asus drive :slight_smile:

dont have any experience with the sony drive so i cant tell you if the €30 is worth it.
i do know that the asus drive writes everything.
personaly i go for the asus so that you certainly know that you have bought something good.

a shop in holland that ships it to greece…
dont think so :stuck_out_tongue:
but if they do ship it to greece it wil cost you an awful lot of money.
weird that you can buy the drive in holland and nowhere else in europe. :confused:

how do ya know all that im well impressed:bow: :bow:

i’m reading a lot of reviews and tests on the internet.
and working at a computer shop will help too i think :smiley:
and i’m getting some feedback from the manufacture RMA department as well :slight_smile:

Maelstrom:bow: :bow:
Well when I am going to get my dvd rw drive ill look out for ya your input would be most helpfull :wink: :wink:

no problem

thats what a forum is for