Asus CRW 4816A FirmWare 1.1

There is a firmware 1.1 update available for the asus crw4816a from the asus site.
but i cant find a change log or something on the site. does anyone knows what the changes are? and is it better with making a back up of a protected cd?
does anyone have any experiance with this firmware update?
is it any good, or should we better keep it to firmware 1.0?

im verry carefull with flashing because most of the times you are not able to flash back to an older firmware if the new one isn’t working.

so i want to make sure that the 1.1 firmware is actually better as the 1.0 before i flash the drive.

I can`t download it from asus websites.

Firmware 1.11


Flash tool

However, like Maelstrom I do not see a changelog so be careful. The firmware is in proprietary Asus Filesystem format. I believe your drive has a mediatek chipset so MTKflash should work on your drive, back up your current firmware before flashing.


when will they release the newer version of 3212A and 4012A firmware? I’m waiting for the MT Rainier…

how do I use it?

Download them both to the desktop or whatever. Run the flash program and click open and find the firmware file. Then click flash. Asus also has a DOS flasher for AFS files I believe, but it’s somewhere else on the ftp.

To Maelstrom.
Do you made bios backup with MTKflash? My 4816A after flashing from new 1.11 to old 1.0 is now sillent as a grave. It is not dead at all, because I could write firmware with MTKflash but need bin file, not afs. It would be great, if you could help me. :slight_smile:

i haven’t flashed the drive.
i first want to know what the changes are. i also want to know if firmware is better then the old 1.0

till i hear some good experiances i’m not going the to flash the drive because i dont have any troubles with the drives as it is now with the 1.0 firmware. so it isn’t realy a must to flash or something.

I think he want’s theMTKflash backed up bin file of firmware 1.0, and he wants you to hook him up.

Exactly :slight_smile:

To Maelstrom
It would be great if you could save your current bios, and send it to me. :slight_smile:
My drive is almost “dead”, I couldn’t use Asus Flasher because drive is not visible in Windows, so I need to use MKTFlash. If you be so kind to get MKTflash ( ), then run computer in dos mode (it could be from win98 CD-ROM), and run MKTFlash:

MTKFLASH “x” R /B /M filename.bin

Where “x” is a number from 1 to 4, to which ASUS is connected:
1: Primary master
2: Primary slave
3: Secondary master
4: Secondary slave

MKTflash will write bios to filename.bin

My email is:

what can of bios bin file?
i onlly have the afs. files.

Bioses from Asus web site are saved in “Asus File System” (extension afs), bioses with bin extensions are clear binary files. To flash drive with afs bios you need Asus Flasher, and there is only windows version. All is ok if your drive is fully functional and visible in windows, but problems comes when something goes wrong and your drive is not recognitioned by motherboard bios. Only solution is to use MTKflash in DOS, but to do this you need bios in bin version, because MTK can’t read afs files. I am in second situation and need bin file made by MTKFlash, so if you could help it would be very nice. :slight_smile:

where do I find those bin files of asus writers?
I have the MTKFLASH already.
I only need the bin files.

because I want to overclock my asus 32x writer to the 40x writer`s.

Originally posted by t111645
where do I find those bin files of asus writers?
I have the MTKFLASH already.
I only need the bin files.

The idea is that you make the bin file yourself using MTKflash and the commands he gave you (MTKFLASH “x” R /B /M filename.bin) This will read your 1.0 firmware to a merged (cuz it’s multiple banks), binary file. Then you can safely flash the 1.11 firmware and be able to flash back if you don’t like it, and he can overclock his 32x to a 40x (or not).

Thanks to Jon and Mervin I have may drive working again.
Thank You!

Well Theres now a another firmware for the asus 4816a v1.12.
It can be downloaded at no information on what changes have been made.

i can’t find the 1.12 firmware on the asus site.
is it an official asus firmware? or a 3rd party mod
i believe it’s saver to use only firmwares that can be downloaded from the official asus site.

the link from the message above leads to a password protected download site.

sorry Deptacz didn’t understood you right :rolleyes:
but you already fixed the problem.

anyone who is willing to try the 1.12 firmware :bigsmile:

Ok, get the files from here. You can trust the files, they are not modified.

Okay - couple of questions …

First of all, does anyone have any feedback on these updates?

I see the latest firmware is 1.12 on the Asus site.

Also, in terms of updating, the tools are available for WinXP and for Win 9x - which should be used for Win2k?

Oh, and one other thing - what are the chances of flashing a 4816a drive to a 5224 ?? :slight_smile: not that I need the extra speed really, but just thought I’d ask …