ASUS CRW-2410S 24/10/40 CD-RW review



I just posted the article ASUS CRW-2410S 24/10/40 CD-RW review.

The guys of CDRlabs have been busy reviewing the Asus 24 speed drive. This drive writes at 24 speed rewrites at 10 speed and reads your CD’s at 40 speed. The drive is based on the Sanyo…

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That bloody pop up window is bugging the hell out of me. It’s the reason I got rid of CDFreaks as my start page. Can you set it to place a cookie on our machine so that once the window has poped up once it wont do it again for at least another 24 hours or something. The company wont pay you for the same IP address within a 24 hour period anyway so you wont loose any cash from doing this, you’ll just make a lot of people happy!!