Asus CDW5224A and Cdrwin 3.9c

Anyone able to get this to work together…I keep getting an error in the main cdrwin.exe file?

Any help would be appriciated.
Anyone using this drive with anything under 3.9c?


Originally posted by llmavll
I keep getting an error in the main cdrwin.exe file

Care to elaborate?

This sounds more like a software problem, I’m moving it to the appropriate forum.

I’m having problems with this combination as well. I start the program and load a CUE sheet. CDRWin compiles the sheet and then crashes before I can do anything else.

It doesn’t seem to make a difference of what CUE sheet I use although I’ll run some more tests once I get home. I flashed the BIOS of the 5224A to 1.20 but CDRWin still crashes.

I took the same CUE sheet and bin to my other computer with an old Plextor 16/10/40 and CDRWin 3.9c worked fine there.

One other weird part to the puzzle. I got Nero Express with the Asus so I used it to load the CUE sheet. Nero crashed as well. True strangeness. I would suspect the disc image but it worked find with the plextor and my other machine.

Any ideas?

It’s funny to reply to my own post but I think I found the answer. Hopefully this info is correct and might help someone else out there.

Short answer: set write speed to 40x before loading the CUE.

Long answer:

The current version is 3.9C dated 02-15-2003. If you have trouble with it, go to 3.9C dated 02-04-2003. In my case, with a Lite-On 52246S, if I use the 3.9C dated 02-08-2003 or the version dated 02-15-2003, the program will crash reading a cuesheet if the write speed is set above 40X (52X or MAX setting). It also crashes if you read the cuesheet at a lower speed, and then select 52X or MAX. So if that happens to you, go back to the 3.9C dated 02-08-2003 as that version works fine at higher than 40X.