ASUS CDRW-5224A cannot write on cd-r


I have the ASUS 5224A cd-rw and my problem is that all the copies or data projects i make they never work!

Using Nero 6 with updates…
The burning finishes but at Verify data it finds error and the cd is half corrupted

Using Easy Cd and dvd Creator 6…
Burns the cd …the cd starts to spin in the drive and the porgram crashes. I get the cd out i put it inside again and the cd either is full corrupted either it shows it as Empty

When it burns on a CD-RW it writes ok - few times i tried, but if i try to burn first on cd-rw and then on cd-r i get the same results

Any ideas?

the firmware is updated v1.37

Tried on
P4 1,4Ghz using WinXP Pro and Nero 6
i made a new Install and used Easy CD & DVD Creator 6
same problem

with alcohol 120% when it is cd to cd-r i get many many errors but at the end it burns it… but i wanna make backup of my files too :frowning:

Thank you