Asus cdrw 4012a help



ok so i have a cdrw4012a and it has started to play up. When i go to burn a cd it will burn at a very slow speed and the system will start to slow down drematicly and the mouse will start to become extremley jurkey. does anyone know what is causing this or how to fix it i have had the problem once befor and downloaded some program which flashed the drive and it worked again but i cannot find it. I have tried flashing with winmtkflash but still have the same problem. Thanx


Hi and welcome to the forums!

I think you need to enable DMA on your writer. If you are on a Via, SiS or Ali chipset, you need to install chipset drivers. For Intel and Nvidia chipsets, you’d best use the standard MS drivers.

If you have your writer attached to a RAID controller (not likely), you’ll (most probably) have to put in on your standard IDE channel to function properly.

Enabling the DMA settings in 2k/XP can be done in the properties of the IDE channel, in 9X/ME, it can be done in the properties of the writer.

I hope this helps a little. Feel free to ask more :slight_smile:

ps information on enabling DMA can easily be found through the

search, so if you need additional information, this may be a good place to look for it :slight_smile:


And since i am in a good mood today, here’s a link for how to enable DMA in XP: here :slight_smile: