Asus Cd-s500/a

Looking for firmware for my old CD =]

but at

i read … “firmware is not flash-upgradable” does any1 got any info about ASUS CD-S500/A and how to flash FW ?

no responde :frowning:

i have a asus too and try to finde the newest firmware but with no sucess my asus has the firmware 2.1H don´t know if its old or new…

“Purchased an upgraded Asus 50x (with firmware 1.2k).My older Asus also a 50X with firmware 3.4H What a difference!”
i think i have newer ;S

still i can’t find anything …but still That trive is Exelent =]

i read that the LOWER FW numbers are newer than the others…but i don´t know…bit bad that there is no FW to download (searched around)

thats the worst (drive is exelent)… but for sure … i never will leave my asus =] i have it too long =]

Check this link, maybe you’ll find something useful there:

500 and 500a are surely different models.

where is the difference???
and i know the link but the ftp servers from asus are down and i don´t know witch FW is the newest version :wink: any changelog or somthing else;)

FW from there not working :S (drive is not flashable =/) cuz i would need to stay whit 1.2c =p


Best way is to connect directly using an ftp-client:
to see them all.

ASUS CD-ROM Driver (Fit all models of ASUS CD-ROMs)

ASUS CD-ROM Speed Setting Utility, Trial Version (updated on 01/09/99)
1.This software does not support SCSI Interface, please do not use it in conjunction
with other SCSI hardware. Driver version 1.5 (updated on 28/07/99)
Bug fixed:
1.Add Intel 82801AA (ICH) / 82801AB (ICH-0) bus master IDE controller support.
2.If the Ultra DMA is disabled at the BIOS Setup and the IDE controller is ALI M1543 and
Ultra DMA transfer mode is set in CONFIG.SYS, then the system will hang up while
reading data from CD-ROM.
3.The driver is unable to detect PHILIPS CDD 3610 CD Recorder if there is no disc in the drive
4.The Read Header Position function is unable to return head position in LBA mode.
5.ASUS Specific Command is added for internal use. Driver version 1.4
Bug fixed:
The system will hang up during reading data from CD disc on motherboards
with ALI M1543 chipset if DMA or Ultra-DMA transfer mode is used. Driver version 1.3
Bug fixed:
The system will hang up on some motherboard with Intel 430 FX chip set
when the CD-ROM device driver is being mounted.

but whats the “new” firmware 1.5 or what i have 2.1H on my drive?

I don’t know.

Check for the filedates maybe.

i think those are Dos\98 drivers for that drive

@no these files are FW no DRIVERS

good point but…date: 27.02.2004…date: 07.01.2004…date: 28.07.2004

so the is the newest…but if a higher number is the better FW so i have a very new FW with 2.1H…or i am wrong???
could sombody ask ASUS what is new and what is old?

Edit: i wrote myself to ASUS on the German Support…so could anybody try to ask a other Support UK/US/TW?..(waiting now for answer :wink: )