Asus CD-rom player is too fast

I own an Asus 52x cd-rom player. When it spins up its like a jet, so loud. Even when I open it in explorer it starts spinning like crazy. It’s just too fast. I need a program to slow it down to 32x or so.
There is something called cdspeed but that doesn’t work with Win XP, I tried it.
So what other software is out there that can do the trick?

I have to say, this had me scratching my head for some time.

I cannot find any XP compatable software that will slow it down, so here’s some suggestions…

  1. Increase the cache to the max so the computer does not have to access the drive so much.

  2. Disable UDMA or DMA in device manager, the cd-rom will now never access it’s full speed because it cannot transfer the data at that speed.

  3. As above, but via the BIOS.

  4. Is it loading any custom drivers for the CDROM? My 40X Artec CDROM came with one and with it loaded, it behaved just like yours. After I took it out it was a lot quieter.

N.B. the tips about the DMA should be used at your own risk. It won’t break your computer, but it will also slow down any other devices on that IDE channel, so for example if your CDROM is a slave to your harddisc your H/D will also see a performance drop.

Hope this helps.

Here :slight_smile:

Serious now…

This might help.

if you have Nero it has an extra called CD drive speed, it allows you to set the speed spindown time and so forth.