Asus BW-16D1HT



Hi. Is it possible to have a dump (devilscraw flasher) of the 3.01 firmware please ?

Thanks in advance.


Actually, I have a question - is this drive a rebaged version of some drive (i.e. LG ) or not?


JVC (Taiyo Yuden) DVD-R TYG03 burned @ 8x with Firmware 3.00
Printable, J-DMR47WPPWS-50SB, 50 Pack

I`ve seen better results with my other burners.

Scanned @ 8x with my Plextor 891SAF Plus 1.KG, Benq 1640 BSRB and BENQ1655 BCDB

Results with the Plextor Looks great, but with the BenQ`s …

What do you think ?

Greetings Moony


This is far away from good, I have much better results with my CMC-made TYG03