Asus BW-16D1HT



Thanks. I’ve done the recommended settings for DosFlash under Win7 environment, no joy. DosFlash does not recognize any drive I have. There are other connected DVD Drive and even USB Blu-Ray Samsung. Ghosted.


You can try to find some other computer with system 32 bit which could work correctly from DosFlash.
Nothing more without the physical access to the drive I am already not able to help…:confused:


Under XP 32, DosFlash worked. What is so odd, with this oldish MB, the drive did recognized BD disc.


[B]Meet the new BW-16D1HT [SVC NS50][/B] :wink:

The drive was manufactured in January 2016, and as you can see from the photos:

  • the labels are now on top of the drive and the configuration and placement of the labels is different, which seems to be a clear differentiating feature from the older NS40 models aspect wise (and just about the only one since visually speaking everything else seems to be the same)
  • there is no revision, SVC code or firmware version mentioned anywhere on the labels (and that goes for the labels on the box as well), so one certainly still cannot accuse ASUS of clarity when it comes to the visuals… :doh:
  • interestingly the drive came loaded with firmware 3.00, well 3.00-06 to be precise (yes you read that right, I nearly fell of my chair too when I saw a 3.xx firmware revision :bigsmile:), so at least that cuts on some of the confusion between models once the drive is connected to a computer… that’s a good start I guess, but they still have a long way to go :slight_smile:
  • it is very early days, but burns so far seem to be good, in line with what one would expect from a NS50 type drive…

I have of course dumped the firmware and prepared a clean flashable version for those who might want to try it out:



Thanks :slight_smile:


Amusing that these folks refuse to go ahead and let the drives be easily identified as separate models. I understand why they do it, but still.


So the actual BW-16D1HT could be a BH16NS55?


Yes, that sounds correct.


Just like the Asus BW-16D1HT hardware model LG SVC: NS50 \ 51 \ 55 \ 58
We still have technical problems there, crossflash operations … But there is already such a possibility.


Sorry, I didn´t read the complete topic, but what is the advantage to flash a BH16NS55 to a BW-16D1HT?

I bought an 16NS55 and will try some BD-media next week and post my results here.

BTW, the 16NS55 have almost the standard LG-DVD-Writer-Design but have a blue LED instead of the green LED, nice idea by LG :wink:


No benefit or rather a loss - the crossflash was tested and tested for unlocked flasher and upgraded firmware.


So the FW from both drives are equal (except the manufacturer string)?

To bad Erik Deppe stopped developement of ODC, even with a MTK-chipset my BH16NS55 can´t scan

And it´s apity that 16x-writers only read 12x


The firmware LG provides on most drives doesn’t support scanning. They have special variants with special firmware that can scan just fine – we don’t have access to them, though.


Huh, who get them? I don´t see any sense to have FW with scan-ability if no one gets em.

LGs DVD-writer can scan, at least GH24NSB0/C0


They test discquality versions of the VinPower LG WH16NS58DQ



Also possible with NS55?


where can i download the ‘Flasher’ LG HL-DT-STBD-RE WH16NS58 1.V1 flasher


As of today, the unlocked SVC NS50 flasher and upgraded firmware are available only in factory versions of Asus and LG.
There will definitely be an improved unlocked flasher SVC NS50.
Perhaps also some other upgraded firmware to crossflash.
Everything needs a lot of free time …

**Crossflash Blu-Ray LG SVC NS50/NS51/NS55/NS58**


EMTEC CD-RW CMC Tajwan ATIP: 97m26s65f
Asus BW-16D1HT fw.3.00
ImgBurn x10



I hope it’s okay, to ask directly here. I have an ASUS BW-16D1HT Blu-Ray writer (manufactured Oct 2013) and I’m having massive problems finding any working, affordable media. When I bought the drive I also got some noname BD-media from an online shop, which worked fine, but they don’t stock those anymore. Since then I tried a lot of different media, the result always being that at least 3 out 4 discs fail to burn, I think the problem is the 1.01 ASUS firmware on the drive and I was hoping that someone here would be able to point me to tutorial or give me some instructions on how to cross flash my drive with LG firmware. You’re basically my last hope, before I dump the drive.

Would the crossflash utility posted here by czary2mary1 on Apr 10 work, or do I need something different? I have opened the drive to identify the hardware, the chip on the inside reads “MEDIATEK ARM MT1959UNDN 1323-BCSL DKRM7L 02XDAKF284 03XBN279600A2”. And here’s a picture of the label on the backside of the drive:

Thanks so much in advance for your help.