ASUS BW-16D1HT - some guidance

Hey guys.
I’m thinking to buy this BluRay writer ASUS BW-16D1HT.
My main purpose is to archive data on BluRay discs, preferably with M-technology (unlimited longevity).

Do you have any feedback on this drive, and does it usually become faulty or something? What media should i use to record? i heard Verbatim is the best.

It is my 3rd purchase since i bought a new computer and i don’t want to mess it up again hehe (the 1st and 2nd were DVD Writers, both went back to warranty).

Thanks in advance guys

I have purchased a number of M capable burners and they have all been LG burners. I have burned a lot of BD-RE and BD-R discs without any issues. Even though my burners are capable of burning M type discs I have personally never bought any. Plus I think you are going to find that LG drives are considerably cheaper.