ASUS BW-16D1H-U - which rebadged LG

Does anybody know which LG model the ASUS BW-16D1H-U (USB) is ?

Manufacturers Name: HLDS BD-DRIVE
Additional ID: HLDS-JB7VERA
Serial Number: F9J54E02 4

I don’t have the drive, only saw that ImgBurn snippet in a forum.

It’s going to be any member of the BH16/WH16 range of drives. If you’re asking particular drive, there are two generations of drives thus far, but it’s probably a first-gen BH16NS40.

Generation one includes drives from BH/WH14… through BH16NS48. You can crossflash from/to anything in this range, with the BH16NS40 (or BH16NS48, depending on the region) being the halo drive.

Generation two recycles gen one model names and is based around the BH16NS50/NS55 introduced in 2015. The NS50/55 is the halo drive. Don’t think anyone has wanted to crossflash any of these yet.

(Note: we haven’t seen a second generation BH16NS48 yet, with jadburner just the other day mentioning one with a November 2015 manufacturing date. Second generation drives had begun to be released by then.)

Thank you :slight_smile:

I own the external UHD-friendly model “Asus BW-16D1H-U” with Firmware A101 - I know that I shouldn’t upgrade to FW A203, but what about A201?

Do you know anything about A201 (or other versions previous to A203), and where I can get it? I haven’t found anything on the net yet…

Should work,according to the DeUHD team…

I have A101 - does this version work?

Their website doesn’t show that,so you have to try it…
But at least you can upgrade to A201 to make it working,in case it doesn’t with A201.
B4 attempting to flash,don’t forget to check the manufacturing date of your Asus…

Any idea, where I can get A201? I haven’t found it yet…

Official Asus update sites turned it down and replaced it with the A203 update,which takes away the ‘uhd-friendly’ capability…
IMHO,your best bet for now,is asking for a firmware dump @ the wellknown optical drive support forums…

Hi, I have the same problem where I can find original Asus flasher A201 for my BW-16D1H-U PRO?

Do you happen to have the installer for a101? I can’t find a201 either. Does a101 work?


Could you please create a RAW firmware dump for us using DevilsClaw’s Flasher:

  1. Download DevilsClaw’s flasher from here:

  2. Open a command prompt from the location you extracted the above file, and then use this command to find your drive ID:

    flasher -D

    Please note that the parameters are case sensitive, so make sure you are using a capital D there. The drive ID reported back by this command will be a single digit number.

  3. Use this command to dump the firmware:

    flasher -d YourDriveID -l firmware.bin 6 00000000 00200000

    Replace “YourDriveID” above with the actual drive ID number that you got when running the previous command. Note that the parameter after the YourDriveID is an L not a 1, and again, parameters are case sensitive.

    For example assuming that you’ve only got one optical drive connected your drive ID would be 1, and therefore the command line would look like this:

    flasher -d 1 -l firmware.bin 6 00000000 00200000

  4. Share the firmware.bin file with us :slight_smile:

Thank you! :flower:

Thanks for the detailed info - see attached file!firmware.bin (2 MB)

Thank you :flower:

Here is the cleaned flash ready firmware: (1.2 MB)

By the way, looking at the firmware tells us that the drive it came from is an NS40 1st generation drive (i.e. not a UHD friendly one), so you won’t be able to upgrade it using a 2nd generation firmware (NS50) or use it to rip UHD discs.

Thanks - but isn’t this a misunderstanding?

I am looking for firmware A201

I understand that. Unfortunately I don’t have a copy of A201.

What I was trying to make clear (to everyone) is that the A101 firmware is for NS40 drives while the A201 firmware is for NS50 drives.

In your specific case this means that even if you manage to get a copy of the UHD friendly A201 firmware you won’t be able to use it on your drive which has the A101 firmware on board, because that particular drive is an NS40 drive, and therefore you can’t flash A201 to a drive that comes with the A101 firmware, because NS40 drives cannot be crossflashed to NS50 (the two types of drives use different hardware).

I already have a UHD-friendly drive, i.e. ASUS BW-16D1HT - so my pain is not too big, :joy:

Anyway, thanks for your work!