Asus BW-12D1S-U slow read rates in MakeMKV


First of all: I’m not sure if I should’ve made this post in the newbie thread… If so, please move it :slight_smile:

I am currently working on moving my blu ray movies from discs to my hard drive. To do this, i bought an Asus BW-12D1S-U, and I am using MakeMKV software to rip the discs. So for so good. The only problem is, some movies are read very slowly (about 2x (8.5 MB/s)), while others are read at rates upto 8x (bw should support 12x, 8x on dual layer, but i assume this is just theoretical speeds anyways… or are most discs DL?)

So I did some research, in this forum and other places (Google). So what seems to be the problem to me, is that my blu ray writer firmware supports movie riplock, and the discs that are read at 2x, are riplocked. Is this a correct assumption? I could not get confirmed anywhere if my br writer supports riplock…

And if it does, can I somehow remove it? I read a bit about flashing, but didn’t get alot smarter… (I know what flashing is, just don’t if it will help me solving this, or other future problems).

And I read about someone first using AnyDVDHD first to make an iso file of the discs to avoid slow rip speeds, and then use MakeMKV. Will this work?

Finally: YES, I am a noob at this. I really know a lot more than the average person about computers, but this seems like a whole new world to me. So there is no need for sarcastic comments :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!

I couldn’t find a way to edit my original post, so…

I discovered most of my blu rays are marked “This blu ray disc is copy protected”, and tried one that wasn’t, which gave an average read rate of 5.6x (started slowly), so this seems to verify my suspicions.

So is there any way I can avoid the riplock?

Set the region for your drive and it will increase ripping speed from 2x to 6x. Worked for me.