ASUS BW-12B1ST - No Cinavia

I’m not sure what this means, or if everyone already knows, but my ASUS (LiteOn firmware) is, of course, infested with Cinavia. Usually watch movies on a BDP-S590, also infested. I have been using AnyDVD HD for awhile and noticed the checkbox to “Prevent player software from detecting Cinavia”. So I got my known Cinavia BD and played it. Non stop. Checked it on the Sony and, no surprise, stopped at 15 min. What’s throwing me is when I exited AnyDVD it still played through. My question is, does AnyDVD remain running even if you exit, or did I burn out the Cinavia in the ASUS? (yeah-right-LOL)
Any one notice this?

Cinavia isn’t in the optical drive; it’s on the disc and interpreted by software on the fly.

AnyDVD is said to make the software on the computer not check for Cinavia. Once you restart the media player without AnyDVD running, Cinavia detection might be re-enabled, or it might take a full reboot of the system… or a reinstallation/update of the media player on the computer might re-enable it. You’ll have to test to see what will make Cinavia re-enabled: whether you can just shut AnyDVD down and restart the software, or if more is required. :wink:

Well, being on the computer must make it easier to combat. Just get a long cord to go to the TV. Thanks, Albert.

What software did you use to play back the disc on your PC?

VLC mainly.

[QUOTE=skoville;2705209]VLC mainly.[/QUOTE]Any you think the developers of VLC implemented Cinavia detection?

Interesting. I’ll try another player. Does it not work for you?

[QUOTE=skoville;2705211]Interesting. I’ll try another player. Does it not work for you?[/QUOTE]I haven’t tried it. So far I haven’t needed to upgrade my ArcSoft to a version that has Cinavia detection.

Only the people selling officially licensed BD players have implemented Cinavia protection in their players. This is because they have been forced to do so. So, this would be ArcSoft, PowerDVD, and the like.

The people behind Cinavia would never tell the open source community how to implement it because that same information would be used to figure out how to remove it, or how to fool other players into not detecting it. Not to mention the open source community would never be interested in implementing it.

The software players that have Cinavia are Arcsoft TMT 5 (later versions), TMT6, PowerDVD 12 (after version 1618), PowerDVD 13, Nero HD Player and WinDVD 11.5.

Well the picture with PowerDVD 13 is outstanding compared to VLC. I’m surprised. Going on 29 minutes and no Cinavia.

PowerDVD Ultra 13.0.3105

If you have AnyDVD HD running in the background and haven’t changed the default behavior, it will stop PowerDVD from detecting it.

Also, PowerDVD only seems to kick in its Cinavia protection when playing from an burned optical disc. The last time I tested it, version 12 I believe, this was the pattern. It ignored Cinavia on files on the hard drive. I don’t know if that still holds true for version 13.

Yes, that version skoville has only detects cinavia from a disc or a mounted iso.

I’m playing a disc, one that stops playing sound, Cinavia, after 15 minutes in my Sony BDP-S590.

^Got no answer for that, other than the fact that Cyberlink writes some of the worst software known. Maybe they’ve screwed up the Cinavia detection section of their software! :bigsmile:

I much prefer Arcsoft’s player personally, and have tested virtually all of the commercial players at one time or another.

We can only hope.