Asus bw-12b1st- bluray burn not work

Hi i have asus bw-12b1st firmware 1.03, but i cant burn any bluray. So i burned few blurays but burner stops burning or does not start, and now i cannot burn blurays, burner cant format any disc. I flashed another FW followed by this:

I got more burning speeds, but problem has not been solved. Still here.
I flashed back original asus firmware.
I uploaded screenshot, but im from czech republic, i using nero. I used many other bluray burn programs include windows, but not work.

Anyone can help me? Thanks. :wink:

Can you try burning with ImgBurn? I’ve been using it with either of my 12B1ST w/1.03 firmware and results have been great with 4x media such as INFOMER30-000 and TDKBLDRBB-000.

ImgBurn not work too… :frowning:

Do you have other media you can try? Maybe the media you have is not so good.

Yes, i try 5 different disc, but still not work.

Which brands have you tried?

Are the 5 different discs with the same MID, PHILIP-R04-000? Looking through here, this particular media seems suspect.

here is test, the disc sold as mediarange Deutschland germany.

It appears you may have bad or fake media that the burner just doesn’t like. Unless you have another media to try, it’s unclear if the burner is at fault.