Asus BC-12D1ST Internal Drive

Hi there;

Apologies if this has been asked before but I’ve found nothing on the various forums and Google.

I researched a new optical drive for quite a time; and was very away of features such as RipLock. I am in the process of backing up my DVD / Blu-ray collection, and my BD drive in my Macmini died under the pressure.

I bought the above drive and connected it direct to my server, and its doing great. However it is not getting above 3-4x on MakeMKV and it is rated at 12x ( Although I know this varies by media and also by connection method ( I’m using e-SATA!).

I found a post reviewing this drive which stated implicitly it was not rip locked; however I believe the OP was using windows software which can bypass the speed restrictions.

Again I’ve Google’d but what I’m really after is if anyone knows if this is a re-branded drive and there is alternate firmware available!?

Many Thanks in advance