Asus announces the DVD-E818A2/A2T drive



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A new exciting drive has been announced today by Asus: the DVD-E818A2/A2T burner. This series of optical drives is the world’s first ODD that supports 5X DVD-RW DL.The ASUS DVD-E818A2/A2T…

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Sorry for not being updated, and being lazy (for not checking it manually by myself), but I am curious to know: Is there a writer that writes in the +RW DL format? Or maybe Asus is now the first company that has released a RW DL (+ or -) writer?


No. There is no +RW DL format at present. It was talked about several years ago but nothing has been heard since. The -RW DL has been developed by JVC and has been a work in progress for several years. It’s good to see it’s on the verge of being released! Asus must know the media is ready if they are releasing this new drive.


2FreqNasty_RiseS About DVD+RW DL from Wikipedia: