Asus and Intel develop technology to speed up SATA Express

We’ve just posted the following news: Asus and Intel develop technology to speed up SATA Express[newsimage][/newsimage]

Asus and Intel today announced a new technology that should drastically increase transfer speed of SATA Express devices such as SSDs.

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Quite a modest speed increase.

Potentially useful for HDDs. But for SSDs it is surely better to have a drive which connects directly to the PCI Express bus (or Thunderbolt for external use). SSDs are physically small enough to be built as an expansion card, and ditching the SATA controller may actually simplify their design.

I’m still amazed how many online shops (in Oz) don’t have PCI-E SSDs or msata SSDs available for order, or for system builds.

I’m not talking about “in stock”, only “available” as an option, because most aussie retailers are hopeless and only hold stock for the most popular items.

With actual data throughput of Sata Express reaching 6.5Gb/s, it’s pretty close to thunderbolt, and kicks USB3 to the kerb, without additional driver/protocol complexity getting in the way.

IIRC, there’s already a proprietary version chipset that goes over 1GB/sec… so I don’t see how this is revolutionary, except to say maybe a turbo boost over traditional equipment already in the pipeline. Such ultra high speeds come at a hefty pricetag, and that’s not going to get the ultra spec SSD drives into the hands of the average consumer anytime soon.