Asus and CDS200

I’m planning on buying the new delerium album next week, but i’m a bit worried, seeing as, apparantly, it has copy protection.

All i know is the the CD tries to get you to install a media player program, so i am assuming CDS200.

I’ve tried searching the boards, but i’ve found no info as to whether or not the ASUS CRW4816A can rip CDS200 protected discs.

Does anyone have any info on this??


i just got the cd at HMV (with 2 Bonus Discs) and just finished ripping it to .wav files with [“eac.exe” - no multisession].
my ASUS drive read it REALLY slow and eac reported about 97% quality.
my generic DVD drive ripped it in under 10 minutes. (the error correction didn’t light up, like it did on the asus)
both of them sound fine to me, but i was wondering,
what exacly do the “clicks and pops” constant with CDS200 sound like??
the audio sounds fine to me, but i just want to make sure.

it’s “CDS200.0.4 4.1 build 2e” by the way.